At PlantWild, we grow a choice range of hardy wildflowers, as plug plants and 9cm pots, many of which are available throughout the year via the website. We are always happy to hear about individual projects and for some of these we appreciate that large numbers of plants may be required.

To help achieve large scale projects where particular plants may be essential, we would encourage customers to get in touch in advance to discuss requirements and to place an advance order; whether as an individual, a landscaper, school, council or community group.

What are the advantages of advance ordering?

  • We can discuss specific requirements; even if larger specimens are required in 1L or 2L pots these can also be accommodated.
  • A quotation is provided accordingly and discounts on large orders are available.
  • Once the planting scheme is decided, the relevant quantities of plants will be propagated and/or reserved to ensure the plants are available.
  • Delivery will be arranged for a precise date, and plants often delivered by ourselves rather than our courier.

When to get in touch:

  • With a specific large project in mind, please do get in touch as far in advance as possible.

As a general guide, allowing at least 2-3 months is ideal:

  • For May – June planting, please contact us in February-March
  • For August – September planting, please contact us in May-June
  • For October – November planting, please contact us in July-August

Reservations on general orders is also possible, in order to secure favourite plants for an area that may be in progress and not quite ready for planting. Just contact us and let us know, then once ordered via the website, the plants will be reserved and delivered on an agreed date to suit.