Plug plant and plant wildflower collections

We are currently propagating stock and working on our Wildflower plug plant collections for 2021.

The native UK plug plant collections generally include at least 9 wildflower species, which are all grown in peat free compost.

The themed collections include:

  • Bee and Butterfly wildflowers (54 plug plants)
  • Garden meadow wildflowers (54 plug plants)
  • Small garden wildflowers (27 plug plants)
  • Tortoise edible wildflowers (27 plug plants)

Our 27 plug plants collection will cover approximately 4.5m2 @ £27.00
Our 54 plug plant collection will cover approximately 9m2 @ £48.50

We anticipate our plug plant collections will be back in stock on the website in mid-late April 2021 for ordering online. Please check back then as we are not able to take advance plug plant orders at this time.

Plug plants can be planted at any time of year providing the ground is not frozen or waterlogged. However the ideal times are Spring – early Summer and also in the Autumn until the end of October.

Potted wildflowers can also still be ordered under each individual wildflower on the website and more stock will be added through the Spring.

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