Bulb collection for small gardens


A selection of wildflower native bulbs potted, and ready rooted to plant in your garden or outdoor container Choose either our 6 (2 of each) or 9 (3 of each) pot collection from the drop down menu below.
Each collection contains Wild daffodils, English bluebells and Single snowdrops.

  • Wild daffodils at least 3 daffodil bulbs per pot click here for full details
  • English bluebells at least 3 bluebell bulbs per pot, click here for full details
  • Single snowdrops at least 4 snowdrop bulbs per pot, click here for full details

Wildlife attracted:
The Spring bulb collection offers colourful blooms to attract early pollinators, especially bumblebees.
Other features:
The bulbs will spread over time in the garden or form beautiful clumps in a container year after year.

To attract birds to your garden in Spring and all year round why not add a wild bird feeder to your basket

Additional information


6 x 9cm pot collection, 9 x 9cm pot collection


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