Grape hyacinth


The flowers of the native Grape hyacinth are dark blue, becoming darker and more black as they age. Therefore they are more striking than the Garden grape hyacinth which is more commonly seen. They prefer a well drained site, but not too dry.
Grape hyacinths are great to plant under shrubs, in a cottage garden or border. They can spread quickly, so planning where they are placed is important to consider. However, another alternative is to plant in containers or pots.
After flowering and once the foliage fades, the leaves can be removed, to allow other bulbs or perennials to appear.

The Grape hyacinth is great to add some early colour to a border and looks super with other Spring bulbs such as Wild daffodils

Muscari neglectum
Dark blue
Sun or part shade
Height : 15-20cm
Flowering period : April – May
A good source of nectar:

Our pots have at least 3 bulbs per pot.

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Wildlife attracted:
Early bees are attracted to the flower spikes of Grape hyacinth, so great for a wildlife garden
Other features:
The flowers of Grape hyacinth are scented like plums.

Our pots contain 3 bulbs per pot. On shipping we will ensure there is established root growth within the pot, however please note that the shoots may not have emerged depending on the time of year of dispatch. If you would like to know the progress of the at any particular time, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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