Greater birdsfoot trefoil


Greater birdsfoot trefoil, prefers a damp soil and is naturally found in wetlands, damp meadows, marshes and wet pastureland. In the garden, it is ideal for the edge of a pond, bog garden or where the soil is frequently damp. It is more robust than the Common birdsfoot trefoil, with slightly larger flowers.

Lotus pedunculatus
Sun, damp meadow
Height : 30-100cm
Flowering period : June-September
This is a good source of nectar :
This is good for butterfly caterpillar food : 


Other features:
It can also be called Marsh Birdsfoot trefoil, and will spread by stolons rather than seed

Wildlife attracted:
Pollinators such as bees and butterflies are especially attracted to the plants. It’s great for some butterflies in particular such as the Common Blue, Wood White and Dingy Skipper, who will lay their eggs on the Birdsfoot trefoil.

Greater birdsfoot trefoil may also be included in our wet meadow plug plant collections

Additional information


9cm pot, 6 plug plants