Lesser spearwort


The Lesser spearwort is ideal for the edge of a freshwater pond, stream or wet meadow. It is found in wet marshes and wetland so is happy in very wet soil. It is a member of the buttercup family and as such carries golden yellow flowers that last through the summer. It will creep along the pond edge and contrasts well with some of the taller purple and pink pond edge wildflowers such as Purple loosestrife.

Ranunculs flammula
Sun or part shade
Height : 15-30cm
Flowering period : May – September
A good source of nectar:

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Wildlife attracted:
On the pond edge, the Lesser spearwort provides a good habitat and shelter for wildlife. The upright stems and leaves of Lesser spearwort are ideal to protect dragonfly larvae, allowing them to crawl out and hatch into dragonflies.
Other features:
It spreads by seed and runners, so will be great for creeping along the pond edge. It can irritate the skin however, so take care when planting.

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