Purple loosestrife


Purple loosestrife grows in shallow water, or damp ground at the pond edge. In the wild it is also found in damp fens, along river banks and canals. The tall purple flower spikes give an elegant and spectacular burst of colour to a pond edge or bog garden. They also combine well with the yellow flowers of Common fleabane or Monkey flower. The great benefit in the garden is that the flowers are long lasting as they gradually open along the flower spike, so will attract pollinators from at least June – August.

Lythrum salicaria
Sun, pond edge, damp soil
Height : 1.2m
Flowering period : June – August
This is a good source of nectar : 

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Wildlife attracted:
Purple loosestrife is a fabulous nectar plant for butterflies
Other features:

It can also grow happily in ordinary garden soil, so great for the back of the butterfly border.


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9cm pot, 6 plug plants, 1lt pot