Sheeps bit scabious


The Sheep’s bit scabious has bright blue flowers on short stems, as it only grows to around 20-40cm tall. in the wild it is found in coastal areas on well drained grassland and heaths. Therefore in a garden setting it is ideal in a rockery, dry area or well drained lawn, although it does prefer a more acidic soil. It is great for attracting pollinators and the little blue flower heads will last through the summer months. Our plants are in their first year, so we would expect them to flower in 2021.

Jasione montana
Height : 15cm
Flowering period : June-August
This is a good source of nectar :

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Wildlife attracted:
Sheeps bit scabious is loved by bees, butterflies and even beetles, so a great addition to a wildlife garden. The flowers can  be seen under UV light which is understood to attract a whole host of pollinators.
Other features:
This is a biennial and although called a scabious, it is not related to Field scabious or Devils bit scabious both of which are perennials and return every year



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6 plug plants, 9cm pot

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