Small scabious


The Small scabious is a very attractive wildflower which will survive in dry, infertile soils in full sun. It is shorter than the popular Field scabious with more slender stems that are also less hairy! However as it is lower in height, this means it is more suited to areas where the grass is short and less vigorous. It is ideal in a sunny border or garden meadow.

Scabiosa columbaria
Pale blue
Height : 70cm
Flowering period : June-October
This is a good source of nectar :


Other features:
It does well in drought and in addition the long tap root means it can continue to flower through to October.

Wildlife attracted:
In line with other Scabious flowers, this one is also very popular with pollinators. Butterflies and bees are attracted to the pale blue flower heads, so it is perfect for a wildlife gar

Additional information


9cm pot, 6 plug plants