Snakeshead fritillary


Snakeshead fritillary is a member of the lily family. It has a beautiful nodding head with a chequered pink and white pattern. In nature the Snakeshead fritillary can be found in meadows which flood every winter. Preferring a damp soil it is ideal planted in grassland, however it will also grow happily in ordinary garden soil. It also looks amazing when planted in a large pot full of Spring bulbs to bring an interesting focus to the garden in April. Take care that the corms are not attacked by mice!

Fritillaria meleagris
Pink or white
Height : 30cm
Flowering period : April – May

Our pots have 3 corms per pot


Other features:
The name comes from the shape of the flower head just before it opens as it can look similar  to a viper’s head.

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9cm pot