As the first flower of the year,  it is always exciting to see the green tips of Snowdrops poking through the soil or snow!  Our pots are planted with the plain native single Snowdrop, well probably not the true native as it has only been here 100’s rather than 1000’s of years, but who’s counting? Each stem has a single nodding white flower head and they look beautiful in the garden when planted in groups. They are ideal when planted under trees; in grassland; near ponds or in borders. Snowdrops are also a perfect addition to a wildlife woodland garden and complement other woodland bulbs such as Wood anemones and English bluebells

Galanthus nivalis
Shade or part shade
Height : 20cm
Flowering period : January – March
This is a good source of nectar : 

Our pots have at least 4 Snowdrop bulbs per pot.
The bulbs will be well rooted when the pots are shipped so each pot can be planted as a lovely group of Snowdrops, either in open ground or in a container.


Wildlife attracted:
The Snowdrop is an early source of nectar
Other features:
After flowering the green seed pods will distribute their seeds close by, and the bulbs also multiply by offsets. Offsets are new bulbs that grow attached to the main bulb. Over several years the Snowdrops form clumps and drifts will then develop.


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9cm pot

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