Solomons seal


Solomons seal is a lovely plant for a shady spot, with long arching stems and dangling white flowers, therefore providing great structure to a woodland. The leaves last through to the Autumn when they will die down.  Solomons seal prefers a cool soil and once established will survive in a dry spot too. It grows a large corm which can be lifted and divided in Spring to multiply the plant. It looks great with other woodland wildflowers such as Stinking hellebore, Woodruff and Bellflowers.

Polygonatum multiflorum
Shade or part shade
Height : 70cm
Flowering period : May – June


Other features:
The Solomons seal name is said to have originated from the pattern inside the rhizomes. The pattern inside the roots when cut through vertically was thought to be similar to Hebrew script. It can also be used medicinally, most readily to treat sports injuries.

Wildlife attracted:
Birds and bees are attracted to Solomons seal in the Summer and Autumn.

Additional information


1.5lt pot