Summer snowflake


The Summer snowflake is a perennial bulb which produces lovely white bell-shaped flowers. Plant in full sun or semi-shade and it will look great as part of a cottage garden border or in a container. The white flowers will also work well with other Spring bulbs, such as Wild daffodils or Wild tulips. Ideal to plant in groups which with time will give natural-looking drifts of wildflowers.
The snowflake will grow in a damp site so alternatively plant on a stream bank or pond edge and as it produces small offsets when dormant over the summer, it will gradually spread. Our pots have 2 bulbs per pot.

Leucojum aestivum
Sun or part shade
Height : 60cm
Flowering period : March – May
A good source of early nectar:

Our pots have at 2 bulbs per pot and when shipped will be well rooted, so each pot will be ready to plant outdoors in open ground or in a container.


Wildlife attracted:
The flowers of the Summer snowflake are slightly chocolate-scented, to attract early pollinators.
Other features:
Another name for this Spring bulb is the Loddon lily and it is the county flower of Berkshire.


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9cm pot