Sweet violet


Sweet violet is indeed sweetly scented, which sets it apart from Dog violet. It spreads by runners as well as seed, to form clumps with the flowers and leaves growing from a central point. Sweet violets are most commonly blue-violet although they may also be white or purple.This is a plant of woodland or woodland edge, however it will not tolerate direct hot sunshine. If the area is a more sunny spot, Dog violet is the better alternative.

Viola odorata
Violet or white
Shade or part shade
Height : 10cm
Flowering period : March – May
This is a good source of nectar : 
This is good for butterfly caterpillar food : 


Other features:
Sweet violets can be crystallised in sugar for sweet making, or added to salads, fruit salads and drinks.

Wildlife attracted:
Some of the rare fritillary butterflies will use sweet violet as caterpillar food, though the dog violet is most commonly used.

Additional information


9cm pots:, 6 plug plants: