Water figwort


Water figwort is a tall waterside plant that can grow up to 1metre. It is a perfect plant for wet areas in a meadow or woodland and is often found on riverbanks in nature. It will survive well at a pond edge, or damp area of the garden and the maroon flowers are great for attracting bees. It also has the advantage of being evergreen, so creating an overwintering habitat for wildlife by the pond.

Scrophularia auriculata
Sun, part shade, wet ground
Height : 1m
Flowering period : June – September
This is a good source of nectar : 


Wildlife attracted:
At the pond edge Water figwort is great for providing nectar to bumble bees and the flowers are pollinated by the Common wasp. The evergreen leaves provide shelter for small mammals and insects.
Other features:
Water figwort has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes, with both the root and leaves utilised for various illnesses.


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