Wild daffodil


This is a UK native daffodil, and is traditionally found in damp open woodlands, meadows or heath land. The wild daffodil is shorter than most garden varieties. It has pale yellow petals around a darker yellow trumpet, and the flower is actually quite delicate. Over time, the wild daffodil will form clumps where planted and looks great when planted alongside other Spring native bulbs such as Snowdrops.

Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Sun or part shade
Height : 30cm
Flowering period : February – April
A good source of nectar:

Our pots have at least 3 daffodil bulbs per pot and when shipped will be well rooted so each pot will be ready to plant outdoors in open ground or in a container.


Other features:
The wild daffodil is the county flower of Gloucestershire. It is also called the Lent lily.

Wildlife attracted:
The flowers produce lots of nectar for pollinators, especially bumblebees. The flowers nod and move in the wind which attract more pollinators than flowers that stand still.

To attract birds to your garden in Spring and all year round why not add a wild bird feeder to your basket

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9cm pot

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