Wild garlic / Ramsons (1 litre pot)


Wild garlic is a lovely plant for a shady area, with beautiful star-like flowers and glossy leaves. Although it can be invasive, it looks wonderful in deciduous shade alongside bluebells and wood anemone. In a traditional woodland, the presence of wild garlic signifies that the woodland is very old. It prefers damp yet well drained soil, so not a boggy site.

Allium ursinum
Height : 25cm
Flowering period : April – June
This is a good source of nectar : 

Our Ramsons have 3 rhizomes per pot.


Other features:
The edible leaves of Wild garlic can be used in cooking to add a subtle garlic flavour; ideal in a soup or pesto. The flowers are also edible and look lovely added to a spring salad.

Wildlife attracted:
The flowers attract many pollinators including hoverflies, butterflies and longhorn beetles.

To attract more wildlife to your garden why not add a wild bird feeder to your basket.

Additional information


9cm pot, 1lt pot

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