Wild tulip


The Wild tulip has rich golden yellow blooms and is lovely to add some bright Spring colour to the garden. It prefers a sunny location, so in a woodland environment, it is best planted in an open glade or on the woodland edge. However it is also ideal in an open border or grassland where the lemon scented flowers can be enjoyed. Alternatively the Wild tulip looks super when planted in a container; just making sure the container is well drained.
Although it is most likely that the Wild tulip was introduced, it has since naturalised and can be found growing wild in some areas of the UK. In particular within meadows in the Central and Eastern regions.

Tulipa sylvestris
Sun or part shade
Height : 25 – 30cm
Flowering period : April
This is a good source of nectar : 

Our Wild tulip pots have 3 bulbs per pot


Other features:
Wild tulips are also great as cut flowers

Wildlife attracted:
The scented blooms are attractive to pollinators

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9cm pot