Wood anemone


Wood anemone is a pretty woodland plant, that grows well in moist, well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter. It can however cope with drier conditions when dormant in the summer.  The wood anemone prefers dappled shade as the flowers will open best with some sunshine; deep shade is definitely not recommended. It does spread relatively slowly by rhizome or seed, therefore a carpet of Wood anemones is an indicator of ancient woodlands. A deciduous woodland is ideal although it also does well in hedgerows or a partially shaded border

Anemone nemorosa
Height : 15cm
Flowering period : March – May
A good source of early nectar:


Wildlife attracted:
Wood anemone is perfect as an early season nectar plant
Other features:
It is lovely in drifts when planted with English bluebells and Wild garlic


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9cm pot