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Our British wildflowers are grown in peat-free compost and available in either 9cm pots or as plug plants via mail order. Many are fantastic for attracting bees, butterflies and insects; ideal for planting by garden enthusiasts, schools, landscapers, conservationists or community groups.
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The top 10 wild flowers to plant for butterflies

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                Butterfly numbers have been severely hit in recent years due to loss of habitat and some very wet summers. Planting wildflowers is…

Planting wildflowers for Woodland and Shade

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      A woodland area in your garden will attract a wide diversity of wildlife; and although many gardens will not have space for a large wooded area, even…

Planting wildflowers for a Pond or Bog garden

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Ponds are a major source of wildlife and no matter what size you can build in your garden; adding a pond or wet area can create an amazing wildlife habitat…