Dogwood is a native deciduous shrub which is ideal in a woodland area, or wildlife garden. It is attractive at many times throughout the year; in Spring the leaves are a fresh green; in early Summer there are clusters of creamy flowers; in Autumn the leaves turn a deep crimson and in Winter the stems can be striking when any new growth is bright red. Our Dogwood shrubs are 2-3 years old and are 60cm- 1m tall. They will grow in most garden soils and will also survive in a damp area, so are very versatile.

Cornus sanguinea
Autumn colour
Height : 10m
Flowering period : late Spring-early Summer
This is a good source of nectar : 
This is good for butterfly caterpillar food :


Wildlife attracted:
In Autumn, the berries on the Dogwood attract small mammals and birds whilst earlier in the year, the flowers attract pollinators.
Other features:

If the stems are in the sun they are crimson but when in the shade they remain green.


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