Goatsbeard has beautiful large dandelion clock seed heads as big as the palm of your hand. The flower heads are bright yellow and are a stunning addition to a grassland or meadow. It is found naturally occurring on railway banks, sunny hedgerows or grassland. However with the seed heads dispersing by the wind, a plant can suddenly appear in a new location.
Goatsbeard is a short lived perennial which often lives only 1 or 2 years but it self seeds easily.

Tragopogon pratensis
Height : 40cm
Flowering period : June -July
This is a good source of nectar:
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Wildlife attracted:
The Goatsbeard flowers when they are open attract butterflies as pollinators.
Other features:

The flowers are only open before 1pm, and if rain is approaching they will close up whatever the time of day!

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9cm pot, 6 plug plants: