Ribwort plantain


Ribwort plantain is found in grasslands and field edges. It has a long flowering time between April and October so is great in a meadow or wildlife area as the dark oval flowers heads add a pleasant contrast to many of the brighter meadow flowers.

Ribwort plantain is also ideal in a meadow area as it will survive in a a whole range of conditions, from short lawns to tall meadows and will also help balance a flower rich meadow mix.

Plantago lanceolata
Dark brown
Height : 50cm
Flowering period: April – October
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Wildlife attracted:
The seed heads of the Ribwort plantain remain for much of the winter and are perfect for Goldfinches and other seed-eating birds. Also the leaves are edible for wildlife.
Other features:
Ribwort like many plantains has both medicinal and edible qualities, so can be grown for foraging

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9cm pot, 1 lt pot, 6 plug plants

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