Bladder campion


Bladder campion is a wildflower of meadows, roadside verges and field margins, and loves a position in full sun. It has a semi- sprawling habit, so looks best when planted with other wildflowers, where the white flowers with the bladder – like calyx add an interesting dimension. The leaves are rather waxy and a pale green, which contrast well against other foliage and it is an ideal addition to a wildlife garden or garden meadow.

Silene vulgaris
Height : 40cm
Flowering period : May -August
This is a good source of nectar :

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Wildlife attracted:
Bladder campion is a great nectar plant for bumble bees and other insects during the day. However in the evening, long tongued moths are attracted to the flowers which emit a clove like scent.
Other features:
The leaves have a culinary use; when young they can be added to salads, whereas the older leaves can be cooked.


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