Common fleabane


The common fleabane has a yellow daisy-like flower and is at home in a damp ditch or damp meadow. It is great to sit on the edge of a wildlife pond, alongside other marginals such as Purple loosestrife or Ragged robin, and will establish well in most soils. It spreads by both seed and underground rhizomes, but if the clump becomes too large, it can easily be separated and transferred to other areas of the garden.

Pulicaria dysenterica
Height : 50cm
Flowering period : July – September
This is a good source of nectar :


Wildlife attracted:
The bright yellow flower heads of Common fleabane are a fabulous food source for bees, butterflies and hover flies
Other features:
Like many wildflowers Common fleabane has been used for medicinal purposes, in particular for skin conditions.


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9cm pot, 6 plug plants, 1.5lt pot