Common toadflax


Common toadflax, is a lovely addition to the garden where it flowers late summer – mid autumn, therefore adding interest later in the season. The pale yellow flowers resemble mini snapdragons and the orange lip adds a splash of colour. In the wild,Toadflax can be found growing on roadsides and wasteland.  However, it is also perfect in a wildlife garden or within a border where it will form upright clumps upto 50cm tall.

Linaria vulgaris
Height : 40cm
Flowering period : June – October
This is a good source of nectar :

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Other features
If you do wish to cut the flowers, they do last very well in a vase.

Wildlife attracted:
Bumblebees are the main pollinator. However the Toadflax is also the food plant of several moths such as Eupithecia linariata, the toadflax pug moth!

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9cm pot, 6 plug plants