Feverfew has pretty daisy like flowers that are set against bright green foliage. The delicate leaves have many medicinal uses, from aiding sleep, improving symptoms of hay fever to most famously easing the onset of migraines. The leaves can also be dried to make tea. However aside from the herbal and edible uses, this wildflower is very easy to grow. It loves a position in full sun and the clusters of white flowers are long lasting. Although Feverfew is not thought to be native, it has been long established in the British Isles since before 1600! As such a versatile and traditional medicinal herb, even though not strictly a UK native we thought we would include it in our range.

Tanacetum parthenium
Height : 60cm
Flowering period : July – September
This is a good source of nectar:


Wildlife attracted:
Feverfew attracts little hoverflies which are also good pollinators.
Other features:

The flowers have medicinal properties and can be used to sooth insect bites.


Additional information


9cm pot, 6 plug plants, 1.5lt Pot