Field rose


The Field rose is an attractive native rose that has a scrambling habit, so is great when planted within grassland, or as an undercover to shrubs/trees in a wildlife garden or woodland edge. The creamy white single rose flowers are very attractive with their yellow anthers and even have a slight fragrance. Later in the year, there are orange-red rose hips that are great for birds. The Field rose will grow in most soil types and being vigorous, it is easy to grow.

Rosa arvensis
Sun, Partial shade
Height : 2.5-4m scrambling
Flowering period : June – August
This is a good source of nectar : 


Wildlife attracted:
Birds are attracted to the berries of the Field rose and the flowers are a good source of nectar.
Other features:
Can also be used in a native hedgerow


Additional information


9cm pot, 2 litre pot, 1.5lt pot

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