Fox and Cubs


Fox and Cubs is also called Orange hawkbit . One of very few bright oranges in our native flora, the flowers are held on tall stems and look amazing when mixed with other wildflowers. This one is vigorous and will spread fast by runners if in good soil.  It is great in grassland where the competition from the grass keeps it in check.

Pilosella aurantica syn Hieracium aurantiacum
Sun or part shade
Height : 30cm
Flowering period : June – August
This is a good source of nectar : 

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Wildlife attracted:
Many bees, butterflies and other insects love the bright flowers of Orange hawkweed.
Other features:
Although not strictly a UK native, the Orange hawkweed was introduced around the 17th century from central Europe and has therefore naturalised.
It can spread too quickly for some however, as the seeds are windblown in addition to it spreading by underground runners. so it is ideal in a pot where it will still attract pollinators but is more easily controlled!


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