Nettle-leaved bellflower


The Nettle-leaved bellflower is a lovely tall plant for dry shade. However it is also suited to part shade and is ideal in a woodland or in a North facing border. It has mid blue flowers which open first from the top of the stem, and it is more tolerant of dry soil than the giant bellflower. The leaves are nettle-like, as it’s name suggests!

Campanula trachelium
Sun or shade
Height : 1m
Flowering period : July to Sept
This is a good source of nectar :


Wildlife attracted:
The mid blue, bell shaped flowers of Nettle-leaved bellflower are a great nectar source for bees.
Other features:
It looks great alongside Foxgloves and Sweet cicely, and although perfect in woodland, will sit equally well in a hedgerow or grassland.


Additional information


1.5lt pot, 9cm pot, 6 plug plants