Rough hawkbit


Rough Hawkbit is a wildflower of grassland, hay meadows and road verges. Long single stems produce bright yellow dandelion-like flowers lasting from May-October. Following the flowers are  fluffy seed heads which are dispersed by the wind. In open areas the Rough Hawkbit therefore self seeds and spreads. It prefers a sunny position and a well drained soil, being ideal in a cottage garden border or a wildlife meadow and adding a fabulous burst of colour.

Leontodon hispidus
Height : 50cm
Flowering period : May – October
This is a good source of nectar :


Wildlife attracted:
The Rough hawkbit is great for pollinators especially bees and it’s possible to catch the smell of sweet honey from the flower when it is open in the sunshine.
Other features:

It is a member of the Daisy family and has medicinal applications


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1lt, 9cm pot, 6 plug plants