Wild primrose


The Wild primrose is a popular native native wildflower, with pale yellow flowers.  It is low growing and is highly versatile; perfect in borders, wildlife woodland areas or naturalised into grass. Likewise it is lovely under deciduous trees where it will flower in early Spring from March to May before the leaf canopy creates shade. The flowers form super little clumps and look great to complement other Spring flowers, but equally striking when taking centre stage.

Primula vulgaris
Sun or part shade
Height : 15cm
Flowering period : March – May
This is a good source of nectar : 
This is good for butterfly caterpillar food : 


Wildlife attracted:
The leaves of the Wild primrose from a tight rosette, which are wonderful for woodland habitats, wheras the flowers are an early source of nectar.
Other features:
The Wild primrose is the county flower of Devon. The flowers are edible and make a pretty addition to an Easter c

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9cm pot, 6 plug plants

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