The Spindle trees in 9cm pots are 1- 2 year old plants 10-15cm tall. Those in 1 litre pots are 2-3 year old plants and up to a metre tall. Spindle is one of the more unusual hedgerow trees. The leaves go a lovely shade of red in autumn and the berries are a spectacular mix of bright pink and orange.

Euonymus europaeus
Tiny white flowers, pink/orange berries
Sun or part shade
Height : Shrub or small tree
Flowering period : Flowers May-June Berries in Autumn


Wildlife attracted:
Birds will find the Spindle berries in the autumn, and as a hedgerow tree, it adds valuable shelter to a wildlife habitat
Other features:
They are dioecious i.e.they have separate male and female plants and only the females bear the colourful berries. So it’s always worth putting in a small group of 3 or more plants to increase your chance of berries.


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1.5 lt pot, 9cm pot, 2 lt pot