Wood sorrel


Wood sorrel has a delicate white flower, tinged with pink, whilst the heart shaped leaves are a beautiful bright green. It looks super on a woodland floor preferring the damp and shady areas that are undisturbed, and similarly grows well at the base of a shady hedgerow. It spreads slowly  by means of horizontal thin rhizomes (underground stems with small scale leaves) to make a clump which can be divided. There are several Sorrel plants within the UK, but this Oxalis is the only true Native.

Oxalis acetosella
Shade or part shade
Height : 10cm
Flowering period : April – May


Other features:
The leaves of Wood sorrel are edible and can be added to salads. The stem and flowers of this little plant can also be used in cooking. Wood sorrel has also been used for medicinal purposes and in the past was used for treating scurvy due to its high vitamin C content.

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9cm pot