Kidney vetch


The Kidney vetch has small clusters of pale yellow flowers. Sometimes the flowers may also be red or orange! It is a legume, so the flowers are pea-like and the plant forms low growing clumps. In the wild, the Kidney vetch can be found on roadsides, coastal areas and grassland. However in the garden, it is ideal in a bee and butterfly border or rockery preferring a light, well-drained soil.

Anthyllis vulneraria
Height : 60cm
Flowering period : June-September
This is a good source of nectar : 
This is good for butterfly caterpillar food : 

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Wildlife attracted:
The Kidney vetch is the food plant of the small blue butterfly larvae and the flowers also attract bees for nectar
Other features:
It has been used as a medicinal plant, and the latin name vulneraria means wound healer.


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9cm pot, 6 plug plants, 1lt pot