Common sorrel


Common sorrel is often found in grassland or at the edge of a woodland. It is a perennial with narrow, dark green leaves and the tiny crimson flowers borne on the upright racemes add a lovely touch of colour to grassland in late spring and early summer. It is easy to grow, and will be quite happy in most soil types if well drained. After flowering there are small red, green or cream winged seeds that can be carried on the wind easily.

Rumex acetosa
Sun or part shade
Height : 60cm
Flowering period : May-August


Other features:
The leaves have a culinary use, however the older leaves are best when cooked as they are rather sour if eaten raw! Young sorrel leaves can be used as a garnish, or as a salad leaf, even as a sweet ingredient for cakes and sorbets.

Wildlife attracted:
The leaves form a rosette that remain throughout the winter months so great as a winter haven for mini beasts.

Common sorrel plug plants may also be included in the coarse grassland plug plant collection

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9cm pot, 6 plug plants, 1lt pot