Greater stitchwort


Greater stitchwort has a small, white star like flower, growing in hedgerows, roadside verges or the woodland edge. It does prefer partial shade and cool roots, slightly damp if possible. The delicate flowers are very pretty alongside red campion, sweet cicely and bluebells. The flowering time lasts from March through to June or even July. In late spring, when the seed capsules ripen, they can be heard ‘popping’  as they are dispersed.

Stellaria holostea
Sun or part shade
Height : 40cm
Flowering period : May-June
This is a good source of nectar :


Other features:
Traditionally Greater stitchwort has medicinal properties, in particular to treat a ‘stitch’ in the side. The green shoots are edible and can be chopped into salads, or briefly cooked. In addition, the flowers look great added to a salad.

Wildlife attracted:
The flowers are a nectar source for butterflies.

Additional information


9cm pot, 6 plug plants